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Favorite moment at a wedding: Right when the couple comes back down the aisle and they are officially married.  Everyone starts to hug once the ceremony is over and there is just an incredible sense of joy and happiness.  This is not a famous moment so it is completely free and genuine.


About my work: I grew up as a photographer and have never looked back. Photography provides me with a means to live while allowing me to explore my interests. I love my career. Being a wedding photographer allows me to be a part of the lives of you, my clients. I am happiest when I feel as though I shoot beside you as both a photographer and as a person you know. It’s a perfect symbiosis; in my life, work is a word that means to create. I love to shoot my work, and attend weddings as your photographer. I look forward to hearing from you. Contact us today to check availability for your wedding date.


Colin’s Bio: My hometown is Santa Fe, NM. I was raised with the greatest appreciation for photography and movies. My first insights into professional photography came from my neighbor who was a commercial photographer. I studied photography in depth in high school acting as the yearbook photo editor, and moved to Chicago to study at the School of The Art Institute of Chicago. I have photographed over 250 weddings, but am constantly amazed at how unique each one is. I remember my couples well, and have always disliked the difficulty in remaining a part their lives after the wedding. I consider myself friends with about twenty couples I have shot for in the past, but certainly wish it was more. If nothing else I have excellent references for you. I look forward to speaking with you more about your wedding day. Contact us now.


The color in our photos just seems to jump off the page.

Brandon Z

With many wedding photographers, you get onl a handfull of "great" pictures. With Colin, you get hundreds of amazing pictures.

Garrett S

Both of us can be camera shy, but Colin put us at ease and made us feel comfortable in front of the camera.

Erica L

We met him at a friends wedding and knew immediately we needed him for our wedding.

Trisha G.

From the first time we talked to Colin, we knew we had found our guy.

Matt M

Colin is truly a great artist!! I loved his work so much that I booked my wedding date based on his availability.

Hong Z




His style of photography is perfect for weddings, he captures the key needs of a wedding along with candid moments and unique ideas.

Jeremy E

He did a fantastic job at being part of the event without having an overpowering presence.

Lisa F

He was extremely accommodating to our requests and most importantly, his work is second to none!

Ed V.

Name a concern you have about getting a photographer and hiring Colin will put it to rest.

Patrick D.

Colin was more than just a wedding vendor; he was a supportive, professional, and encouraging part of our special day.

Tye H

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