Apr 282014

Profoto has taken it into their hands to provide wedding photographers with short videos on different aspects of going through a wedding day.  They seem to be posting one every week or so.  While they are obviously making a point of demonstrating their products, they also do include some useful tips on shooting with two photographers and showing how beneficial a second can be.  Watch some of the videos Here.

Apr 212014

The amount of venue possibilities in Chicago may be overwhelming.  But this site, www.herecomestheguide.com  has committed to providing brides&grooms with an organized list of tons of wedding venues.  They provide you with photos of the space, contact info, addresses, and reasons why they are places to consider for the big day!  They also post vendors, rehearsal dinner venues, places to find room blocks, and even spots to plan your honeymoon.  Super resourceful!

See for yourself here!

Apr 142014

Linda.com is a great place to learn new techniques on a broad range of subjects dealing with software that can help you with your business, creative, and editing processes.  The tutorials are easy to follow and super informative!


Look more into Lynda.com here!

Apr 072014

The City View Loft is a mash up between rustic charm and urban funk.  It is a venue that offers tons of services for a great price.  They provide decor, valet, catering, accept BYOB and allow clients to provide their own sweet treats, and more!  Beyond the practical benefits of this venue, the aesthetic quality is lovely.  The exposed brick, wood chairs and reclaimed wood tables give off  a quirky/vintage vibe while still looking clean and fresh.  Plus the incredible view of the city at night makes for a fun urban visual during dancing time!  Check them out here!

Mar 312014

Calling All Brides Online Store Logo

From my perspective it seems like everything is being sold online, but not from the perspective of the statistics.  Online shopping accounts for about 8% of all retail sales in 2013.  This number however is growing rapidly and so naturally we will see more and more stores popping up online and fewer and fewer actual stores.  One recent example in the wedding world is Calling All Brides http://www.callingallbrides.com/  While they are not trying to get into the ever important wedding dress market they are selling so many things a Bride and Groom would need.  I am one to love a fun cake topper so shop it up!

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Mar 202014

For those of you who haven’t come across Creative Live yet, now is the time!  They broadcast classes/seminars online for “the creative entrepreneur” that you can watch for free while they’re live (or purchase them to watch any time).  You can learn more about photo, video, sound, business, craft, etc.  The topics and concepts they cover are vast, entertaining, informational and definitely worth while!

Check it out here: Creative Live


Mar 112014

Fearless Photographers Logo

The Fearless photographers is a group who list themselves as available for weddings, but the trick to getting to the top is a bit different.  In order to be listed as the first photographer in Chicago you have to win the image contents.  Those with the most recent wins go to the top of the list!  Based in the United States, but now listing internationally Fearless Photographers draws a good amount of attention from the wedding photographers I know.  The biggest and best move you can ask for is to simply be at the top of the list, but it gets complicated fast.  While most photographers are shooting to keep their client’s really happy with the work this contest is not the same audience.  In this case images that appeal to other photographers will win.  The first question of course is that viewpoint the same?  I would say no.  However the viewpoint of a photographer judging another photographer’s images, and an engaged woman judging a photographer’s images will be closer.

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Feb 072014

Amy Merrick Writer Headshot

Amy Merrick is a writer in the Chicago area.  Before becoming a freelancer she wrote for the Wall Street Journal for 10 years.  She left the journal a few years ago and writes both open journalism and business related journalism.  Amy recently received an MFA focusing on her creative writing as well.  Amy’s new website can be found at www.amymerrickwriter.com and her twitter is twitter.amymerrickwriter.com

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